Management & Leadership Training Courses

Develop leaders and managers who role model the behaviours they expect from their staff, and resolve issues of conflict in their earliest stages.

Central to the development of an effective resolution culture, where issues are aired early on and teams are highly engaged, is the capacity of managers to lead effectively. They must role model the behaviours they expect from their employees, drive high performance and resolve issues of conflict in their earliest stages. Through our Engage Leadership™ brand, we offer a comprehensive suite of management and leadership training courses, development and consultancy services. We support leaders at all levels to develop the confidence, competence and courage to engage their teams for sustained high performance.

This page offers an insight into some of the training courses available for managers and leaders to assist with the integration of a Resolution Framework™. For more details of our courses or to discuss your unique needs and context, please complete the form at the end of this page or call TCM’s resolution hotline on 0800 294 9787

The Art of Dialogue™

Managers, directors, supervisors and others are increasingly required to manage complex projects, without the prerequisite training needed to do so. The results can be catastrophic, with conflict a likely outcome amongst customers, colleagues, investors and more. Can your organisation afford to take these risks when the consequences can be so significant?

The Art of Dialogue™ is a unique programme from our communication and change experts. It is designed to promote a mindset and culture of open dialogue, throughout your organisation. In this one-day management and leadership training course, delegates will develop the communication skills to promote ongoing collaboration within their teams and resolve issues of conflict when they arise.

Confident Conversations™

The ability to manage difficult conversations is one of the cornerstones of effective management and leadership.

Confident Conversations is a highly interactive one-day management and leadership training programme designed to help leaders develop the essential skills for everyday management. On this programme, delegates will learn how to hold conversations that enable them to nip issues in the bud and give feedback to their teams on a range of issues.

Delegates will work through the essential skills needed to navigate the complex maze of having difficult conversations, managing performance and giving bad news. In doing so, your leaders will be able to prevent disputes from escalating out of control.

Modular Management and Leadership Training Courses

Our modular leadership programmes can be uniquely designed based on these 3 key leadership levels. To ensure for excellent ongoing progression and development, we apply a blended learning approach consisting of workshops, coaching and evaluation.

By attending our programmes, your leaders and managers will develop a clear understanding of how they can flex their leadership to create a culture for high engagement and performance. From the very first session, each leader will have a clear understanding of their own management styles, alongside their individual strengths and blind spots.

TCM is an approved ILM center and these programmes can be ILM accredited or tailored to meet a specific set of competency needs.

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