Flexible, adaptable and scalable

Each Resolution Framework™ is designed around your organisation and takes account of your unique structure, context and needs. However, to help answer the ‘where do I start?‘ question, we provide three versions of the Resolution Framework™; based on how widely you’d like the framework to be applied across your organisation:

  • Resolution First: This support package will provide everything that you need to implement a fully functioning Resolution Framework™ to handle grievances, bullying and harassment within your organisation. The majority of issues will be resolved informally, while only the most serious cases will initiate a formal approach.
  • Resolution Plus: In addition to grievances, bullying and harassment, our Resolution Plus package allows you to reframe the way that disciplinary issues are handled within your organisation. The framework delivers a shift in focus towards restorative justice, with dismissal only used as a carefully considered last resort.
  • Resolution Gold: This package enables your organisation to replace its grievance, discipline and performance procedures with one all-encompassing Resolution Framework™. It is the option that delivers the maximum impact, for the greatest levels of employee experience (EX) and transformational change; requiring engagement from managers at all levels.