Stepping Stones to Resolution

11 Feb 2022
Written by: The TCM Group

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“We don’t have to go to retributive and adversarial systems in order to deliver justice. Justice can be delivered in another route based on collaboration, compassion, listening and positive dialogue. In fact, what will shine is when we deploy those universally important human principles of fairness and collaboration, much better and more effective remedies to difficult situations are secured.”
David Liddle, CEO and Founder of The TCM Group

How do we resolve disciplinary issues, achieve effective outcomes and encapsulate them within an end-to-end framework? There’s an alternative to archaic, dysfunctional and destructive that all too often permeate our organisations.

Many organisations have unlocked the answer: London Ambulance Service, Aviva, North East Lincolnshire Council and Nationwide Building Society are just some of the household names implementing a Resolution Framework™. It’s a rules-based system that moves away from policy-driven data and towards people-centred, values-based and purpose-motivated flexible process. The Resolution Framework is an expression of transformative justice which protects relationships but resolves issues whilst delivering real accountability within our organisations. It’s equal parts robust, rigorous, fair and just.

How it works

The model blends procedural justice with restorative justice to create a powerful model of organisational justice. HR, managers, unions, employees and business leaders will reap the benefits:

  1. Delivers transformative justice
  2. Values-based, outcomes-oriented and person-centred
  3. Promotes adult-to-adult dialogue
  4. Works with key stakeholders to promote resolution
  5. Assesses cases on an enhanced triage basis, using a Resolution Index
  6. Increases the use of early resolution, facilitated conversations, restorative justice and mediation
  7. Underpins the development of a transformational culture
  8. Complies with the ACAS code, employment and equality legislation, and best practice guidance

It’s flexible and tailored to the size, needs and suitability of each organisation. There’s three levels to implementing the system, as follows:

  1. Resolution First – this includes grievance (plus bullying and harassment).
  2. Resolution Plus – this mid-level implementation involves grievance and discipline.
  3. Resolution Gold – the ultimate package encompasses grievance, discipline and performance.

Imagine an environment where people come together; an environment that is robust, reliable, legally compliant, and an effective system for resolving issues. Just imagine a world where your we’ve begun to shred and rip up these processes. Instead, let’s put our people in the centre, let’s put our purpose in the centre, let’s put our core values in the centre and begin to build out from there. Together, we’ll build something that doesn’t just meet the needs of the business, but it’s people, too. That’s the Resolution Framework™.

If you missed the webinar and you’d like to catch up, you can watch the full recording below:

If you’re interested in implementing a Resolution Framework™ within your own organisation, you can contact our Head of People and Resolution Stephen Adams directly.

If you’d like to learn more about resolution, you can join our Routes to Resolution open access training course here. The next one is being held 26th-27th May 2022.

Robyn Marsh: Senior Communications Executive at The TCM Group