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Here at The TCM Group, we understand, that transforming the way that disciplinary, performance and grievance cases are managed can be a challenge. This section explains the support available to assist you to integrate a Resolution Framework™ in your own organisation.

The cutting edge of early dispute resolution for human resources and employee relations.

The TCM Group launched the Resolution Framework™ and its forerunner The Resolution Policy™ in 2013. Since that time, we have worked with numerous organisations to integrate this approach. The Resolution Framework™ is completely unique. TCM are the only organisation in the world offering this level of innovation in terms of HR, leadership and management systems and processes. Our customers include major airlines, global banks, insurance companies, NHS trusts, councils, universities, police forces and charities.

As you would expect from the world’s leading provider of early dispute resolution, change management and cultural transformation, we have developed an extensive and scalable range of solutions to support organisations on their resolution journey. Our resolution support modules, described below,  have been designed to provide the strategic support and operational mechanisms to create, implement and sustain a resolution Framework™. Each of the modules can be delivered on a stand-alone basis, or can form part of a bespoke package, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail using the contact form at the end of this page of by giving us a call on 0800 294 9787

Joanna Peeling Head of HR at Mowi

“Thank you so much – I’m finishing this course feeling so much more confident about my skills and effectiveness in finding a constructive path to resolution.”

Dave Harvey GM Operations Planning & Integration at NATS

“An insightful and impactful course that will deliver genuine value in a number of different ways for our business. I will apply this learning every day – these are core skills, insights and values that I can employ in my day job. I can also use the practical tools and techniques to help with specific conflict resolution scenarios and business change needs.”

Ben Williams Senior ER Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways

“The resolution training that the Resolution Framework team delivered was first class – engaging, thought provoking and highly professional. David’s collaborative, future focused and solution focused approach to conflict resolution really resonated with me and my team and aligns neatly with our brand values and people strategy.”

Fay Field ER & Change Specialist at easyJet

“The formulas and models were very helpful, and will support our people to make sure we truly understand what our needs are and how to overcome challenges in a practical and sustainable way. Personally, I’ll utilise my learnings to be able to flex my approach to best suit the situation and parties involved. The training was really practical, which will be a real value add in working life.”

Jodie Cox Policy & Contract Specialist at easyJet

“I undertook the training for Routes to Resolution. I have found the course to be very informative, the trainer delivered the content in a good pace, and allowed just the right amount of time for breaks. The breakout sessions were useful and fun exercises to really get everyone thinking. I’ve certainly learned lots of new things which I’ll take away with me and put into practice as an HR professional.”

Consultancy and Project Management Support

Embedding a transformational approach to handling complaints, concerns and conflicts in the workplace requires a number of significant changes. We offer a range of consultancy packages including introductory webinars, planning sessions, template documents and expert advice to support the design, development and implementation of the Resolution Framework™ within your organisation.

Our clients tell us that whilst they value TCM’s professional facilitation, impartial advice and expertise in early dispute resolution takes the uncertainty out of the process.

The most common areas in which we provide consultancy support include:

  • Scoping the project plan
  • Establishing the Resolution Centre (Unit)™
  • Drafting the Resolution Policy
  • Developing methodology for recruiting and selecting key resolution roles
  • Creating a Triage process
  • Building an evidence-based business case
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Development of a Resolution Framework Business Case

For the greatest chances of success, an overall strategic view should be taken to implementing the Resolution Framework™ into your organisation. A key component to this is our Resolution Review™ process. As part of this, we will undertake a Cost of Conflict exercise to establish the financial impact of your current grievance, disciplinary and performance processes.

During the review, we will collate quantitative and qualitative data, interview key stakeholders and deliver focus group sessions to generate an in-depth analysis that will shape the project plan. After this, we will produce an Executive Report that will set out the headline outcomes and provide actionable solutions. The Executive Report can be presented to the key stakeholders in the organisation, such as the Board of Directors or the C-Suite, to help achieve that all-important buy-in.

The Resolution Review™ provides a substantive and often sobering insight into the cost of conflict, making the argument for increasing the uptake of early dispute resolution methods, compelling.

The world-class consultants who conduct our Resolution Reviews™ operate across national and international agendas. They have extensive exposure to organisations spanning every sector and industry. Their skills, knowledge and experience enable deep insight into the current organisational landscape.

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Resolution Checklists

To help organisations seeking to assess and improve their current approaches to early dispute resolution, we’ve developed a selection of resources to support you. These are suitable for leaders, managers, union reps, and those within a HR/ People function role.

These carefully tailored packs contain information across a range of formats. Each serves to provide guidance to support each of the stakeholder groups to bring about a resolution within the following areas:

  • De-escalation techniques
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Resolution language & planning checklist
  • Managing performance within a Resolution Framework™
  • Redefining and developing an action plan
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Developing a Values and Behaviour Framework

The transformation of your grievance, disciplinary and performance policies and procedures should be underpinned by the organisation’s values and behavioural codes of practice.

Successful organisational cultures are built on shared values and agreed behaviours. We can support the development and embedding of those shared values and behaviours through the creation of a Values & Behaviour Framework. By delivering thought-provoking workshops with key stakeholders, such as the Senior Leadership team, HR, union representatives, employee groups and front-line staff members, our expert consultants will support the development of a shared values and behaviour framework unique to the organisation.

Training programmes to embed the values and behaviours such as our Confident Conversations™ and Values-Based Leadership™ can support leaders, managers and other key personnel.

Open and authentic values and behaviours are the basis of an early resolution culture. They need to be defined and practised within your organisation, for a supportive culture to be established. Ensuring that everyone in the organisation is living your values, will encourage a values-driven culture and actively prevent conflict from developing in the first place.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Implementing the Resolution Framework™ will result in an overhaul to existing processes for responding to issues of conflict at work. Such changes need to be communicated across your organisation. Our expert consultants can provide support in communicating how the framework works and outlining the change management processes that will need to happen. This is often initially in the form of a strategy workshop, delivered to the key staff members involved in the early dispute resolution processes.

From this point, your internal team can assist to build a more comprehensive structure for communication and consultation in the organisation. It is central to the success that change management is correctly understood and implemented in support of the framework.

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Setting up a Resolution Centre™

The Resolution Centre™ (or unit) comprises a group of key staff members with responsibility for managing the resolution policy and coordinating its associated resolution processes. The Centre members are typically HR or People & Culture professionals but can also include management and union/ employee representatives.  The members of the Resolution Centre™ will become known within your organisation as the experts in all-things resolution.

To succeed in their role, we recommend they undertake two essential training courses. Our 2-day Routes to Resolution™, and 2-day HR as Coach & Mediator™ courses provide members of the Resolution Centre™ with the skills needed to succeed.

We can also provide template documents, to support the work of the Centre, such as:

  • A ‘Request for Resolution™’ form
  • The ‘Mediation Agreement’
  • A Mediator Recruitment Pack
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Apaxio®: The Resolution Case Management System

Managing an entire organisation’s worth of dispute resolution activities has a lot of administration and paperwork involved. To make the process smoother, we have developed a unique case management software system, entitled Apaxio®.

The platform handles the day-to-day management of resolution casework, while also offering in-depth evidence and data analysis to report on the effectiveness of your resolution processes. This is effectively a dashboard for the leadership team to keep a close watch on costs and benefits. It can also be used to assess where potential problems are arising, and take proactive action to address conflict.

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The Resolution Index™: A unique Triage Process

As part of the Resolution Framework™, each Request for Resolution™ submitted to the Resolution Centre™ is assessed – or ‘triaged’ – then scored, against a set of defined criteria known as the Resolution Index™. This triaging and scoring of Requests for Resolution™ allows the Resolution Centre™ lead or Triage Panel (for more complex cases) to determine the most appropriate route to resolution.

To facilitate the development of a successful triage system, we can deliver a facilitated workshop to your HR and management teams. Here we will ensure the specific criteria are agreed upon, and documentation bespoke for your organisational needs is produced.

It is also important to “dry-run” the index so that experience in its use, as well as the application of the triage, is tested for consistency and to iron out any glitches. Our skilled Resolution Consultants will support and facilitate those on the course to develop and embed their skills and knowledge.

Consolidating a triage system may take a few meetings as the team learns to triage the requests, apply the Resolution Index to score the request, and align the process with the values of the organisation. Every organisation’s Resolution Index™ will be unique however, some of the criteria can be generic.

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Mediation and Investigation Skills Training

It is essential that internal mediations and workplace investigations, both of which can be complex as well as sensitive, are undertaken by staff members who are trained and skilled in those disciplines.

We offer a wide portfolio of training courses, suitable for all levels. For mediation, we have introductory-level training events right up to our flagship programme, the acclaimed OCN-Accredited National Certificate in Workplace Mediation™. For investigations, we also have introductory courses, but our flagship programme is Practical Investigation Skills™. For staff with existing experience, who are seeking to refresh or upskill, we can offer tailored advanced options in both of these disciplines.

All of our courses are a blend of experiential and theoretical content. We provide flexible training delivery options which include:

  • Open Access Courses – for individual bookings
  • In-house training – for larger groups
  • Online training via Zoom or MS Teams – for geographically dispersed teams
  • Sector-specific training – tailored to specific organisations, such as healthcare or local authorites.
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Mediation, Investigation and Team Facilitation Services

At times, certain complaints, concerns or conflicts may become too complex for your internal staff to handle. There might be an especially high-profile case, or perhaps your resolution team are too busy working to resolve a large number of issues.

Whatever the circumstances, our team of expert dispute resolution consultants are at hand to help. We can deliver outsourced Mediation, Investigation and Team Facilitation services on a case-by-case basis, or through an ongoing contractual arrangement. They can also act as a co-mediator to help guide an internal staff member through one of their first mediations, or with a particularly challenging case.

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Setting up an in-house Mediation Service

Thanks to our 20 years’ experience in embedding mediation services across a variety of organisations and sectors, we understand that much more is involved than delivering training alone. We are here to provide the support to ensure your mediation service can complete its daily functions and provide ongoing, highly effective, early dispute resolution.

For organisations seeking to make use of mediation as a method for resolving conflicts for the first time, we can offer a full package of support. In addition to the relevant skills training, this can include:

  • Consultancy Support to develop a functional service
  • The provision of relevant documentation
  • Specific training for those coordinating the mediation service
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Engage Leadership™ & Management Training

Central to the successful integration and uptake of the Resolution Framework™ is the ability of managers to lead well, and handle issues of conflict in their earliest stages. These skills don’t always come naturally as employees progress into a more senior role. Training and development in these key areas provides an excellent return on investment, as it inevitably prevents conflicts from entering the later stages of the framework.

Engage Leadership™ is a unique range of management training, leadership development and consultancy services. We provide leaders with the tools needed to create highly engaged, well-performing teams. Our leadership offering includes:

  • Short training courses
  • Team development
  • Behavioural frameworks
  • Longer-term leadership development journeys
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