The Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

The Resolution Framework™ offers a fully integrated and legally-compliant dispute resolution policy for resolving concerns, conduct, complaints and conflict at work.

Putting people before process

A person-centred and values-based alternative to traditional HR policies, processes and procedures.

Fully compliant with the Acas code and all relevant legislation

The Resolution Framework™ provides a fully integrated and legally compliant system for addressing discipline, performance and grievances at work.

Take the award-winning approach

Thanks to its widespread positive impacts at TSB Bank, The Resolution Framework™ was recognised as part of a winning entry in the Change Management category at the 2021 Personnel Today awards.

Traditional dispute resolution policies and management systems for handling discipline, performance, and grievances at work are broken. They are no longer fit for purpose in a modern, complex and diverse workplace. Most people’s experience of the current approaches is one of stress, anxiety, uncertainty and fear. The costs are great and the stakes are high.

Thankfully, an increasing number of business leaders, line managers, human resources professionals, union representatives and lawyers are rejecting the tired, corrosive, adversarial and damaging rules and policies that have created so much harm, for so many, for so long. They are seeking a fresh new approach as they integrate people-centred and values based cultures.

The Resolution Framework™, developed by the people and culture experts at The TCM Group, delivers a legally compliant and cost-effective solution. This website contains everything that you will require to set up and integrate a Resolution Framework™ in your own organisation. It is a flexible Framework that can be used to replace your entire suite of HR/people policies or simply to replace your existing grievance procedure. However you choose to use it, you will never look back.

Welcome to the Resolution Revolution!

David Liddle.

CEO of The TCM Group, keynote speaker, best-selling author and president of the Institute of Organisational Dynamics (IOD)

The benefits of the Resolution Framework™

For your organisation

The Resolution Framework™ aligns your HR policies and management systems to your organisational purpose and values. In so doing, it delivers the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Combines the retributive and damaging discipline, performance and grievance procedures into a single, overarching dispute resolution policy.
  • Protects relationships at work which contributes to increased performance, reputation and competitive advantage.
  • Issues are resolved sooner and closer to source, thereby allowing HR and others to focus on achieving their key strategic priorities.
  • Engenders a culture of cooperation and collaboration between unions, management, HR and other key stakeholders.
  • Integrates a range of proven remedies to assist resolution including: local dialogue, facilitated conversations, mediation, restorative justice (RJ) in serious cases, and team facilitation.
  • Ensures that robust action, upto and including dismissal can be taken in serious cases.
For your employees

Engaging in a formal HR process such as discipline, performance or grievance is one of the most stressful experiences for any employee. Extensive delays, poorly conducted investigations, a lack of suitable remedies, a lack of transparency, inconsistent management practices, adversarial hearings and a lack of control through the process all create a climate of fear, uncertainty and stress. In others words, the traditional HR systems and management process undermine employee experience (EX). The Resolution Framework™ helps organistaions to enhance their EX. The benefits are vast:

  • It puts people before process. Your employees feel in control, and they have access to a wide range of proven remedies for resolving issues at work.
  • Your employees have a voice and the opportunity to be heard exists throughout the Resolution Framework™. When they speak up, or when there is a problem at work, they know that they will be listened to and they will be treated with respect.
  • It reduces the stress and the uncertainty which is proven to undermine employee morale and productivity.
  • It offers a psychologically safe approach for resolving issues at work.
  • It increases overall productivity and performance at work.
For your managers

Your managers are at the sharp end when it comes to managing discipline, performance and grievances at work. However, they often feel unskilled, unsupported and unsafe. As a result, the most common management responses are extensive inaction or expensive overreaction. These responses slowly erode the climate of the team and the culture of the organisation. They are costly, they are stressful and they are damaging

In a modern, complex and uncertain workplace, our managers need to be confident, competent and courageous to handle a wide range of people issues. The Resolution Framework™ takes the adversity out of diversity and the grief out of grievances. It gives your managers the tools that they require to spot issues early, to respond appropriately and to support the development of a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing culture – a transformational culture.

For your customers

Good Customer Experience (CX) is directly aligned to good Employee Experience (EX). When workplace issues are resolved constructively, when employees feel safe and heard, and when managers feel confident, competent and courageous, this underpins world class customer experience.

As a result of integrating a Resolution Framework your customers benefits from:

  • Highly motivated employees who feel valued and engaged. As a result, they can focus on putting the customer first.
  • A ‘can do’ attitude which permeates through the organisational culture.
  • A desire to be innovative and creative knowing that mistakes and failure will be responded to in a just and fair manner.
  • A culture where concerns or complaints are resolved quickly and constructively.

Examples of the support available to you

The TCM Group has designed a series of support modules to help organisations to develop, integrate and evaluate their Resolution Framework™.  Our four most popular modules are included below.


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