The Resolution Centre

To ensure the ongoing success and uptake of The Resolution Framework™ within your organisation, you’ll need a dedicated team of trained staff members responsible for its management. We call this team The Resolution Centre™.

The Resolution Centre™ is a multidisciplinary team, which should be representative of the various levels of seniority and diversity within your organisation. Team members should include HR Specialists, Trade Union Representatives and Senior Managers. They will become known as the experts in the Resolution Framework™, and all its associated processes. Members of the hub should each have a specifically defined role, including:

  • Performing the Triage Assessment for each Request for Resolution™.
  • Chairing Facilitated Conversations between staff members in conflict.
  • Undertaking formal Investigations into more serious instances.

A forward-thinking Resolution Centre™ should also meet regularly to review the ongoing management of cases and policy effectiveness. In order to succeed in their role, we would recommend that a level of formal training should be rolled out across the entire team. We have carefully tailored two training courses, designed to develop the specific skills needed to succeed as a member of the Resolution Centre™.

In addition to our unique, blended learning training courses, we can also provide sample documentation, such as the ‘Request for Resolution’ form and ‘Mediation Agreement’, which will be essential components of the resolution process.

Routes to Resolution™

This 2-day programme equips trainees with the skills and strategies to identify the most appropriate resolution method for each unique case. The options can vary from early resolution meetings to coaching, restorative conversations, mediation, or in more serious instances, an investigation.

Attendees will be introduced to The Resolution Spectrum and its variety of available resolution methods. They will develop a full understanding of the Resolution Framework™, and practice relevant conversational skills to handle strong emotions, and support staff members through the process in a warm and empathetic manner.

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HR as Coach & Mediator™

This 2-day course provides delegates with the skills to be able to respond calmly and neutrally during the various stages of conflict. Attendees will develop an understanding of the nature and causes of a conflict, alongside a range of tools and strategies to support the management of conflict at work.

Participants will develop their active listening and reframing skills, to adopt a mediation-style approach to move a situation towards a positive resolution. We use the very latest principles, such as ‘Positive Psychology’ to enable trainees to provide coaching and support to managers who are involved in issues of conflict.

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