Taking the Grief out of Grievance

12 Jan 2023
Written by: The TCM Group

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Within your organisation, your people should be your most important asset. Research conducted by Glassdoor has shown that 63% of employees in the UK feel that their company’s culture is a fundamental reason for remaining in their job, while 70% would begin job hunting if their company’s culture declined. The message is clear – company culture matters!

Our recent company culture survey echoed these sentiments, finding that 89% believed company culture affected loyalty and engagement. Also telling is the statistic that 99.1% of respondents believe culture is important to business success.

Unfortunately, many current workplace policies and procedures, which in affect shape company culture are a source of negativity, discord and waste and destruction. They create division and fear, resources are drained, time and money are wasted, and people are undervalued and broken. In the UK alone, the annual cost of conflict within the workplace is a staggering £28.5 billion.

Negative company culture and internal conflict can evidently have a profound effect on employee satisfaction and in turn employee retention, public perception, business continuity and ultimately your bottom line.

So what can be done? In an age where ills and stressors external of the work environment increasingly affect our professional lives, industrial action is rife and we are continually adapting to new ways of working, how can you build a nurturing work environment?

One important method is to adopt a more people-centred, values-based and humane stance on handling issues that arise in the workplace. Now is the time to embrace adult-to-adult dialogue, discard retribution in place of resolution and really listen to each other. The Resolution Framework™ from The TCM Group, offers employees, HR, managers, leaders, unions, and others a better way for resolving the persistent and challenging issues of workplace complaints, conduct, concerns and conflicts.

Now is the time to abandon traditional grievance procedures and seek to resolve employee conflicts, complaints and concerns by giving dialogue primacy. By tapping into the human psyche, the Framework™ understands conflict as a vicious cycle of unmet needs, destructive behaviours and emotional responses. Putting people at the centre of resolution makes logical sense as it addresses these values and related behaviours. Handling these human issues in a holistic and systemic way, rather than implementing generic policies, is more effective to both the individual and the collective business.

Join us on Wednesday 8th February for a FREE online webinar to learn how your organisation can make this shift and create a forward-thinking, high performing and transformational workplace culture. Register for a limited free space here. Alternatively, if you would like more information on how your organisation can implement The Resolution Framework, contact our People & Culture Coordinator, Hannah Cotton here.