The Resolution Framework Episode #2: What Support is Available? (A David Liddle Webinar)

19 Aug 2021
Written by: The TCM Group

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Understanding the Resolution Framework


David’s first webinar guided us through the business need for change, propelled by his revolutionary organisational restructuring concept, the Resolution Framework™. It highlighted the corrosive and retributive consequences of adhering to draconian grievance procedures, providing a fresh take on aligning core company values with modern people-centred policies. A more human and humane approach; bringing HR, people, and union functions together on a collaborative working platform.

By leading on values and representing people, the Resolution Framework™ transforms inevitable workplace issues into constructive and functional tools for growth and development, rather than as sources of destruction. Instead of resorting to damaging formal litigation, the Framework utilises early resolution, coaching, facilitated conversation, mediation, and team development, where appropriate. Everyone works together, towards a shared vision, creating a happier, healthier, more harmonious and, ultimately, high-performing business. This all sounds wonderful – but where do we start?

Integrating into organisations


This programme has been designed to fit into any size or scale of organisation. Here’s a breakdown of how it works, step by step:

  1. 3D review: discover, diagnose, design
  2. Developing your business case and engaging stakeholders – Resolution Review
  3. Developing your Resolution Strategy
  4. Identifying, orienting, and training the Resolution Unit
  5. Development of the Resolution Index/Triage processes
  6. Developing management capability
  7. Selection of resolution champions, inhouse mediators, coaches, facilitators, investigators, and formal resolution chairs
  8. Design, delivery, and evaluation of appropriate training courses
  9. Measuring the return on investment and expectation
  10. Continuing professional development

The TCM Group will offer guidance and support from start to finish, providing both a cultural ethos and an operational strategy. The confluence of narrative and hard data allows the framework to embed into organisations as a fully integrated programme. After initial consultation, the TCM 3D Review serves as a 2-day consultancy, led by a TCM Principal Resolution Consultant, to develop a tailored scope, objectives, resource requirements and project plan over three years. This plan can be delivered by us, or by yourselves. We’re happy to work with you in any and all capacities – we want this to work for each unique business and its differing needs and resources.

Working for you and your business


The Resolution Framework™ is clearly centred on cultural change. But this project is evidence-based and driven by analytics, too. The TCM Group uses “conflict calculators” to understand and illustrate the financial impacts of traditional grievance procedures. Gathering data is central to what we do, and coupled with a strong moral basis, the Resolution Framework™ functions for all business successes.

Not only this, but by putting people first, it empowers individuals at each level of organisation. The Framework supports you to develop essential skills for personal (and wider business) growth:

Employees and their representatives

  • Encouraged to raise issues early.
  • Learn to engage in open and constructive dialogue with other parties.
  • Engage in early evaluation of the issue.
  • Promote and adopt compassionate behaviours.
  • Granted the opportunity for formal resolution with a right to representation.

Human Resources

  • Create a Resolution Framework™ with assisted resources and support.
  • Provide an early assessment/triage function of disputes.
  • Provide a coaching and mentoring service for managers.
  • Coordinate and organise a workplace mediation scheme.
  • Support informal and formal resolution meetings.
  • Evaluate and review impact of resolution policy.

Managers and leaders

  • Engage in resolution skills training.
  • Possess and be appraised against leadership competencies.
  • Foster a culture of constructive engagement and resolution within teams.
  • Facilitate dialogue and resolve issues.

Across the board, the Framework exists to inject confidence, competence, and courage into individuals, in turn creating fully inclusive workplaces that mirror and support the modern social climate.

So, we’ve understood the need for transformational change, how this functions on a strategic level, and what the new character of culture will look like for your staff. It worked for TSB Bank, Aviva, and London Ambulance Service – it’ll work for you, too. What are you waiting for?

Request your consultation with CEO David Liddle today to join the movement and map your route to resolution.

You can watch the second episode in David’s series of Resolution Framework™ webinars, below:


Robyn Marsh, Senior Communications Executive at The TCM Group