Rebecca MacKinnon


About Rebecca MacKinnon

Rebecca MacKinnon is one of TCM’s people and culture development coordinators with responsibility for our dialogic and diagnostic services.

Having been a nurse before commencing her HR career, she has brought with her a compassionate and holistic approach to caring for people. Her role at TCM is to provide digital, diagnostic, dialogic and management information (MI) support for our people and culture related systems and process.

In summary what that means is that Rebecca is the the project manager for Apaxio® – our unique digital platform for the emerging P&C profession. Apaxio® also delivers the Resolution Framework™ for our customers and it includes some really cool features to help our customers embrace a transformational culture. Whilst Apaxio® is Rebecca’s primary service area, she is also part of the project team for many of our people and culture service areas including our people and culture diagnostic tool – The 5D Review™. She works with her colleagues and consultant partners to collect, cultivate and analyse people related data. She then presents it to our customers in way that helps them to identify trends, patterns and relationships in said data. By applying an evidence based and data drive approach, Rebecca assists our customers to develop a powerful business case and strategic framework for transformational change. You will therefore see Rebecca in various types of meetings, this will often be as part of her project management role, but may also be in a data collection and review capacity.

HR systems of the past are broken if not outright harmful, at TCM we are passionate about bringing you the next generation of technical support that will help you build a people and culture function that really works. Rebecca combines the compassion from her nursing days and her strategic knowledge from her Masters to bring such systems to you.

During the working week you can find her connecting with various members of the team to ensure the best development possible for our case management systems, or at the end of the phone answering any of your questions.