As you would expect from the world’s leading provider of early dispute resolution, change management and cultural transformation, TCM have developed an extensive and scalable range of consultancy and training solutions to support organizations on their resolution journey. This page focuses on our consultancy packages and the next tab sets out our comprehensive portfolio of training solutions. Each of the consultancy elements described below can be delivered on a stand-alone basis, or they can form part of a bespoke package, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation.


Our team of global thought leaders, co-ordinators (project managers) and consultant partners will guide you through each stage of the implementation of your Resolution Framework™. We use an agile methodology for delivering the Resolution Framework™ meaning that we work at your pace and in full alignment with your business needs, context and priorities.


TCM's award winning team of people and culture development coordinators are equipped with the prerequisite project management skills to support you as you transition from your traditional HR policies to a new and progressive integrated people policy (IPP). Whilst the adoption of TCM's Resolution Framework™ is exciting and liberating, it also requires a reasonable level of structure, dripline and organization. That is where we come in and where we add enormous value to the project.

The TCM System

The TCM System is our proprietary project management, change management and quality assurance system. We have developed it for organizations when they integrate a Resolution Framework™ or a wider programme of culture change.

The development of an integrated people policy (IPP), such as the Resolution Framework™, requires a shift in mindset, language, behavior, team climate and workplace culture. The TCM System helps you to lay the foundations for change, to avoid making avoidable mistakes, and to sustain the improvements that you will generate.

The TCM System provides you with the confidence that we will be there for you every step of the way. We are your trusted partner!

An evidence based approach

Prior to integrating a Resolution Framework™, many of our customers build an internal business case to secure the appropriate support and resources. We can support this process (more details are included below). Assuming that the integration of a Resolution Framework™ is approved, we commence the process of understanding your context, diagnosing the challenges, identifying the strengths and gathering baseline data which can be used to to evaluate the impact of your Resolution Framework™.  We call this the 5D Review™

Building your business case.

We can help you to build your initial business case and create a powerful narrative for change within your organization. The business case provides a valuable insight into the strategic imperative for change plus it provides a unique insight into the cost/benefit of adopting TCM’s Resolution Framework™. To assist you to build your business case, we can provide a free business case template; please use the form at the bottom of the page to request your free copy.

Practical guidance and useful tips for building your business case feature in David Liddle’s best selling text, MANAGING CONFLICT: a practical guide to resolution in the workplace. The 2nd edition has been published recently, please click the button below to secure your copy.

The 5D Review.

TCM’s unique 5D Review™ provides powerful data that allows you to tailor your Resolution Framework™, to secure stakeholder engagement and to develop baseline indicators to help you to assess its impact over the medium to long terms. The 5D Review captures and analyses normative, qualitative and quantitative data.

Discover. Diagnose. Dream. Design. Deploy

We use a variety of dialogic and diagnostic tools during the 5D Review including interviews, focus groups and world cafe (multi disciplinary) events. As part of the 5D Review, we use TCM’s Cost of Conflict Calculator™ which assesses the true cost of conflict to your organization.

The 5D Review results in a detailed report, action plan and strategic narrative which provides you with a coherent route map for implementing a Resolution Framework™ and supporting the associated cultural, systemic and behavioural changes.

Ros Doyle Head of Strategic People Services at London Borough of Hounslow

“TCM’s approach to resolution has been ground breaking from the off and has helped us at Hounslow to think differently. The Resolution Framework [pushes us] to really think about how we can deal with conflict in a way that allows our people to feel heard, respected and to remain engaged.”

Integrating your Resolution Framework™

Following the 5D Review, the next stage is the integration of your Resolution Framework™. Whilst The Framework is tailored to each customer’s organization, there are a number of steps and stages which are universal. For instance the Resolution Framework™ we have implemented within The BBC, Burberry and London Ambulance Service apply similar principles yet they are distinct from the ones we have implemented within Hounslow Council, NEXT PLC, HSBC or KPMG. One feature that is consistent in all organizations with whom we work is the development of a Resolution Centre which act as the powerhouse of your resolution approach.

To make it as easy as possible for you to implement the Resolution Framework™ within your organization, we have created 10 practical modules which take you through every step of implementing the framework in your organization. We also provide templates, documents and other materials to help you build your resources and internal infrastructure.

Details of the 10 modules and the development of your Resolution Centre are set out below:

The 10 resolution modules.

The  implementation of your Resolution Framework™comprises ten modules which include

  1. Set up and delivery planning (including the creation of working groups)
  2. Resolution Framework 101
  3. Setting up and aligning the Resolution Centre (This module includes practical guidance from our CEO, David Liddle)
  4. Integrating  your Resolution Framework.
  5. Triage and Resolution Index™.
  6. Customizing your templates (which we will provide for you).
  7. Setting up Resolution Champions.
  8. Testing the Framework for procedural efficacy and robustness.
  9. Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder testing.
  10. Sign off and planning for launch.
Developing your Resolution Centre.

The Resolution Centre (may also be known as team or unit) is a multi-disciplinary centre which will support the design, development, integration and evaluation of your Resolution Framework. The Resolution Centre plays a dual role – the first one is a strategic function with the second role being operational.

The Resolution Centre’s role will evolve as your Resolution Framework evolves. From a strategic perspective this includes:

  1. Supporting evaluation processes against the baseline from the 5D review.
  2. Quality assurance and compliance monitoring (anonymised case reviews and user feedback). These data are also used to deliver system, structural and cultural change.
  3. Ongoing reporting to senior leadership team/board.
  4. Develop and deploy the communications strategy.

From an operational perspective, your Resolution Centre will:

  1. Manage all aspects of day to day case management
  2. Administrer the various routes to resolution (coaching, mediation, restorative conversations, team facilitation etc)
  3. Administer Formal Resolution Meetings and Appeals
  4. Produce regular activity reports
Optional Modules

In addition to the 10 core modules listed above, we offer several optional modules (with more to come) covering:

  1. Aligning values with behaviours. Your values and behaviours framework underpins the Resolution Framework™. TCM has pioneered the development of values and behaviours frameworks. Please contact us for more details or see David Liddle’s book Transformational Culture which includes an example of a values and behaviour framework.
  2. Creating your Resolution Framework™ case management system. We recommend Apaxio® (a cutting edge case management system.)
  3. Managing the change from retribution to resolution. We apply theory of change and The Kotter Change Management Model in this module. This module aligns with TCM’s exciting new transformational change programme called Culture Catalysts™.
  4. The legal, regulatory and compliance context for the Resolution Framework™.  This module is deigned for lawyers, compliance officers, policy makers and others with an interest in ESG, regulatory compliance and legal processes.
  5. Creating and implementing your communications strategy. In this module we help you to develop and execute a high impact internal communications strategy to work alongside your Resolution Framework™.
Training Options

As you would expect, TCM has designed a comprehensive catalogue of training programmes that can support the integration of your Resolution Framework™. The next tab (Training and development) explains more and we have set out the various options below by way of an overview:

  • The OCN accredited National Certificate in Workplace Mediation™ plus a range of shorter mediation courses
  • Routes to Resolution™ (training for members of the Resolution Centre)
  • Quality Conversations™
  • HR as Coach and Mediator™
  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Coaching skills for People Professionals™
  • Resolution Champions™
  • Practical or Advanced Investigation Skills™️
  • Engage Leadership™, TCM’s bespoke management and leadership programme.
  • Culture Catalysts™

A note about copyright and intellectual property.

The Resolution Framework™ and the Resolution Framework™ logo are trademarks of The TCM Group.

All of the process maps, toolkits, The Resolution Index™, checklists and delivery content relating to the Resolution Framework™ are the copyright of The TCM Group (© The TCM Group 2023, all rights reserved).

When you commission TCM to integrate our Resolution Framework™ into your organization, we will issue your organization “the customer” with a license allowing your organization to use the Resolution Framework™ and all associated materials in perpetuity. For more details, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

A selection of case studies and customer stories


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